Services for fallen tree damage restoration in Ontario, Canada, and the surrounding areas of Canada.

We are contractors and can quickly restore your roof or home after it has been damaged by a falling tree.

Fallen Tree Damage

We often have hurricanes, thunderstorms, and tropical storms in central Canada. These powerful storms can cause damage to trees and possibly even your home. Similarly, diseased trees can easily fall over.

Our skilled contractors offer fast and reliable fall tree damage repair services. We can also restore your home in Ontario, Canada, and the surrounding areas.

Trees may fall on your roof for several reasons

Trees can fall on your roof for many reasons. U-Way Bright Homes are often called to repair tree damage in these situations:

  • Tornadoes can strike without warning and take down trees, sending them flying directly into your house.
  • Thunderstorms Sometimes a slight thunderstorm can cause a tree or shrub to fall onto your roof.
  • Tropical storms A tropical storm can bring down trees with its high winds and heavy rain.
  • Hurricanes Any hurricane’s strength can cause severe side effects, including damage to buildings and trees.
  • Tree disease: A tree that is sick or diseased is more likely to fall.

To avoid injury from falling trees, ensure you move to safety if a tree falls on your house.

How We Remove Fallen Trees from Your Roof

Our crews will quickly remove any fallen trees from your roof and fix any structural problems it may have. First, we’ll determine the best way to remove the tree. We usually start with the smaller branches, then we’ll cut the trunk into smaller pieces so that it can be removed from your roof.

We will then remove any remaining pieces from the tree and move them away so the next steps can start.

We Will Repair or Replace Your Roof

Roof Repairs

After the tree has been removed from your roof, we will evaluate the situation and determine whether the roof needs repairs or complete replacement. Our contractors will work with you to select a new roofing material for your home. We will match your roof to repair any damage.

Has your roof been damaged by a fallen tree? Contact us.

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