Our team can assess and repair storm damage to properties in Ontario, Canada, and the surrounding areas.

Storm damage can occur to your home or business due to hurricanes, tornadoes, hail, and lightning. We are a local certified building contractor and can offer 24/7 storm damage repair service. We repair and assess storm damage in communities throughout Canada and Ontario.

Initial Damage Inspection

Our company offers all the necessary restoration services to help you get your property up and running again. Our restoration specialists are quick to get on the job and help homeowners deal with any remaining debris.

We send an inspector to your house or business to assess the damages caused by the storm. This is how we can reduce the risk of storm-related damage in the long term. We offer a no-obligation, cost-free estimate of the damage and repair costs. Our company will assist your insurance adjuster in making the process smoother.

Storm Damage We Repair

Storm damage, especially when caused by hurricane winds, can be severe. Some damage may not be obvious to the untrained eye. To schedule an inspection of your property and to get an estimate, call our contractors at 705-687-7774. Storm damage is something our storm damage specialists can assess.

Water/Flood Damage

Water damage can cause irreparable structural damage. Water damage can also cause structural compromises, such as leaks and rotted floorboards. Learn about water damage.

Wind Damage

Wind damage can easily occur during a hurricane or tropical storm. Roof damage can go unnoticed, which is why an inspection is necessary. Damage to your roof, siding, gutters, or roofing can cause more damage in the future.

Hail Damage

Untreated hail damage can cause premature aging, roof collapse, and property deterioration.

Additional Storm Damage

Storm damage can take many forms, including trees falling on homes or businesses, projectiles hitting roofs, and other destruction. You can help minimize damage to your property by following safe practices and calling True Builders immediately after a storm.

Call 705-686-7774 for Storm Damage Services

Central Canada could experience strong storms between June and November. It might be a good idea to include our company in your emergency contact list!

You can rest assured knowing that our 24/7 storm restoration services are available to you. Do not delay when the next storm hits Ontario, Canada. Contact us at 705-6876-7774