Fire damage restoration in Ontario, Canada, and the surrounding areas is our #1 priority.

We take care of clean-up, sanitization, and restoration following fire or smoke damage.

A fire in your home or business can cause irreparable damage. You must consider the damage to your property after you’ve taken care of your physical well-being. U-Way Bright Homes offers a 24-hour emergency response for fire damage restoration to assist you in the restoration of your property.

It is crucial to remember that the first 2 days following a fire damage accident are critical to recovering as much as possible. Our team is made up of compassionate and caring individuals who will assist you in the restoration process. Our team can help you make tough decisions like what needs to be replaced and what is worth trying to restore.

For years, our company has helped communities through difficult fire damage situations. Our restoration services are available throughout Central Canada, including Ontario Canada, and all surrounding areas.

The first two days following fire damage are the most critical.

Fire damage is best dealt with within the first two days. Because a fast response is a key to restoring and recovering as much property as possible. Even after the fire is out, soot and smoke will remain on your property. This can lead to structural corrosion and further degrading of the structure. It is imperative to immediately deal with the toxic smoke and dry chemicals that are used in putting out large fires.

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Fire Damage Restoration

The first steps in fire restoration involve smoke damage cleanup, decontaminating the area, and removing any debris and excess water. After these steps have been completed, our crew can begin cleaning and deodorizing your home or place of business. During this phase, we will inspect the area and check for any smoke, mold, or mildew. We will inform you about the extent of the damage and tell you what should be replaced.

Things to consider when assessing a home or business after fire damage

Many factors go into deciding what remains of a home or business after a fire. Here are some considerations to consider when evaluating your property.

  • Heat and smoke: The effects
  • The sentimental value
  • Loss of usage
  • Value loss
  • The restoration versus the replacement costs

We are the fire damage experts you can trust in your time of need

U-Way Bright Homes understand the financial and emotional impact of fire damage. We provide 24-hour emergency response and help with the fire damage restoration process. Our highly-trained technicians will work with you to find the best solution for your needs, no matter if it is restoration or replacement. We also offer competitive rates. To learn more about how our company handles fire damage to your property or home, call 705-686-7774 and speak with our fire damage restoration contractors. We are proud to serve Central Canada, including Ontario, Canada, and all surrounding areas, with the highest quality restoration and remodeling services.