Central Canadians top local restoration & remodeling contractor for roof leak repairs

The licensed roof repair contractors at our company will fix any roof damage and any interior damage caused by a roof failure.

Ceiling Damage

Homeowners in Ontario, Canada, and the surrounding areas are often affected by roof leaks. Strong winds and storms can cause damage to homes in Canada. U-Way Bright Homes can repair your roof and any damage to your home.

Our company is the #1 rated remodeling and restoration contractor in Central Canada. We have a reputation for providing exceptional roof leak repair and replacement services.

Roof Repairs & Roof Damage

Our roof repair specialists first determine the source of your roof leak using leak detection techniques. Visible clues such as a stain on the ceiling have been occurring for much longer than homeowners realize and have caused the most harm because they have been through many layers.

Flashing that has been damaged by wind and corroded is one of the most common causes of roof damage.

To avoid water intrusion or excess damage to your roof, it is important to have your roof inspected after a major storm.

We repair and restore more severe roof damage when a house fire causes damage.

Our roof repair contractors will make sure that your roof is strong enough to withstand future stress and wear.

Roof Leaks and Water Damage Repair

Our water damage repair services can help if your leak reached the interior of your house. Our water damage contractors will come to your home and inspect the water damage, do a mold inspection, and then set up a course. Any area of your home with water damage from a roof leak can be repaired.

Mold Removal

We can help with any roof damage to your home.

No matter how small or large the roof leak is, our licensed roof repair contractors can repair it and repair any water damage that may have occurred in your home due to it. For a complimentary consultation with one of our roof leak specialists, call us at 705686-7774.

Our services are available to communities throughout Canada and Central Canada. Check out for more information about our highly-rated services. There are hundreds of satisfied customers who have left 5-star reviews.